Build custom generative AI solutions.

Use Glean Platform to customize generative AI for your enterprise.

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Connect enterprise knowledge

Connect with 100+ apps via native, push API, and web history-based connectors.
Monitor and manage all integrations from Glean workspace settings.

Connect 100+ SaaS apps

Glean supports native connector integrations with 100+ popular SaaS apps.


Connect custom apps

Use Indexing API to add arbitrary data from custom applications.


Connect People, Teams and Identity

Add organization data including people info / organization structure using REST APIs.


Build and customize AI applications

Build powerful AI applications with Glean's platform capabilities. Generative AI applications can be built and customized from a GUI-based builder.
These applications can use all or a subset of connected information.

Build generative AI applications

Build conversational AI experiences for chat, recommendations, and summarization with our platform interface. The purpose, tone, policies, and a variety of other behaviors can be extensively configured.

Integrate Conversational Agents with Tools

Utilize Glean Tools SDK to interface with custom or real-time data, and perform actions in third party applications with Glean Chat or any conversational Glean AI App.


Query anything with Glean's REST APIs

Use Glean's permission-aware, personalized APIs to search across or access all of the unstructured information in your enterprise to build your Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system.


Publish your AI applications anywhere

Glean AI applications can be published to Slack, Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk and other applications.
You can also use our REST APIs to power your own applications with Glean AI Apps.

Glean for Slack

Glean AI Assistant for Slack can automatically answer commonly asked questions or respond to user queries when tagged directly.


Glean Web SDK

Embed AI-powered search, chat and recommendations into your website using Glean Web SDK.



Programmatically interact with Glean Chat & Search APIs to build and deliver rich conversational experiences.

Glean for Salesforce, Zendesk, etc

Install Glean AI-powered Search & Chat in top SaaS applications.

Glean for MS Teams (Coming soon)

Glean assistant can automatically answer any user questions in Teams. Users can also chat with Glean by tagging Glean directly.

Administer and moderate at Enterprise scale

All administration and moderation operations supported by Glean can be scripted via REST APIs or performed via GUI with Glean workspace settings.

Manage access

Use Glean workspace settings UI or REST APIs to manage access, permissions and tokens.

Manage company announcements & promoted content

Use REST APIs to manage announcements and pinned content.

Manage deprecated content

Use REST APIs for document verification to update and flag deprecated content.

Generative AI that  works. At work.

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