People, Teams and Identity

  • People are at the core of every organization and one of the key pillars of Glean’s knowledge graph.
  • People data helps enforce permissions, inform ranking and provide better personalization of search results. As such, it forms the basis of a user’s identity within Glean.
  • Leveraging people data, Glean also generates individual profiles , directory, org chart and many more user centric features within the product.
  • In addition, Glean provides the ability to create team profiles with members and leads, project descriptions, collections for team resources, contact information and many more useful features.
  • Both people and teams are indexed within Glean so when search results have a match for one or more of these entities, they will appear in the Glean User Interface as separate datasources.

Integration Features

  • Glean connects to multiple HRIS and identity systems including Okta, GSuite, Azure and more to crawl people, teams and identity information.
  • We also provide indexing APIs to push people and teams information directly to Glean.
  • Any of these datasources, including the indexing API can be used as the primary source of people or teams information.
  • The indexing API can also be used to supplement information crawled from one or more HRIS systems mentioned above.

Indexing Endpoints

Glean provides individual and bulk upload endpoints for people and teams.


  • /indexemployee : Index or update information about an individual employee.
  • /bulkindexemployees : Index or update information about multiple people simultaneously. Bulk indexing supports paginated uploads, and replaces information from a previous upload.
  • /deleteemployee : Delete information about an individual employee.

Teams: Similar to the people endpoints,

By default, people and teams are updated in the index within an hour of a successful upload. Glean also provides an API (/processallemployeesandteams) to trigger processing of all recently uploaded people and teams immediately after an upload.


It is worth noting that in the push model, you are responsible for enumerating and pushing people and teams information on a periodic basis to Glean. Glean provides a python SDK that makes it easy to push entities using the API.