Early access

Please contact a Glean representative if you are interested in partnering with Glean and building tools on Glean’s platform.


Tools allow the Glean Assistant to retrieve information as well as perform actions specified by a developer.

Tools can enable Glean to do things such as fetch information from a database, create a ticket in a custom ticketing system, or generally invoke any external workflow.

Based on the user’s natural language query and the tool spec provided by the developer, Glean will invoke the appropriate tool.

What is the tools framework?

The Glean Tools Framework is a robust platform designed to empower developers to augment the capabilities of the Glean Assistant. This framework allows developers to devise their own tools that can execute actions or extract information based on the user's query and the provided tool specification. These tools have the ability to interact with various systems such as databases, custom ticketing systems, or any external workflow.

How does it work?

The Glean servers interact with these tools by making requests to the APIs that developers expose. These APIs are added in accordance with OpenAPI3 specifications. The response from these servers is then utilized to generate a coherent response or carry out an action as per the user's request. It's important to note that the Glean servers respect the supported authorization while making these requests.